Friday, February 3, 2012

I tried out a super fun design on my nails!

(Click to enlarge)

Oink oink! ;o)

Interested in the how to?

(Make sure it's 100% dry between all steps)
1. Clear base coat.
2. Baby pink polish for the head shape.
3. Sally Hansen nail art pen in hot pink for the ears and snout.
4. Sally Hansen nail art pen in black for the outline, eyes, and nostrils.
5. Clear top coat.

Easy peasy! :oD

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Retro Skirt with Crocheted Accessory

I made this skirt for phnxreign99 in the January Birthday swap!

It has a crocheted flower that I made in layers to attatch to the wrap around. The wrap around is bias tape I made out of some quilting cotton.

The skirt is a basic full A-Line skirt with an elastic waist. It has a retro feel I think! :)

Edit: Here's a picture she took of her wearing the skirt!