Monday, January 5, 2009

The Plushroom - New Species

In November I invented a new species of fungi. I call it - The Plushroom!

This fungi grows on warm beds. It's attracted to body heat and pet fur. Although not particularilly flavourful, it does have some side affects of being tasted. It will leave a cotton-y feel to the tounge when licked. It has non-oral side affects that are caused by physical contact. When subjected to touching the Plushroom, humans and pets alike experience warmth, drowsiness, and an odd sense of comfort. Known species so far are plaid and beige. It appears they have bred themselves into a hybrid. Scientists have recently begun research as to how to reproduce them in a lab setting.

Cut your symmetrical Plushroom pattern, fold in half and fold fabric in half. Do not cut fold. Cut two pieces, one for each side. Measure using string 1.5 X the length of the total perimiter of your cut fabric. The extra point-five comes in handy, as every sewers seam allowance prefrences vary. Cut one long rectangle of fabric at least 5 inches in width. Use a wider width for a chunkier Plushroom, and a thinner width for a flatter Plushroom. This will be used as your side. Sew the lengths of the rectangle along the perimiter of your cut Plushroom front, "pretty" sides together. Do the same for the Plushroom back. If you have any excess length of your long rectangle once all sides of the Plushroom have been covered, cut it now. Do not sew shut. Turn your Plushroom right side out. Stuff with peferred filler. Hand sew the bottom of your rectangle together. Voila! A lovable fungi for your bed or couch - The Plushroom!

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