Tuesday, January 20, 2009

January Birthday Swap

I joined the January birthday swap!

My send date is tomorrow. I left it as long as I could before I was too excited and had to post pictures! This is what I'm sending to Javastain, in addition to three prints of my photography. Javastain, if you're snooping, thats okay. Just tell me you've seen them and I'll post it on craftster. ;o)

This is what I dub a Bloomin' Yarn Bag!

She wanted a bag that she could keep her progressing yarn-y projects. I've got a bit of experience with drawstring bags, so I was excited to go at my fabric without a pattern and just chop and sew!

The beauty of this bag is that you can literally have it beside you with all your yarn inside, and the working yarn comes out through the centre of the flower! No more cats chasing old school balls of yarn! Tuck it away and pull it through the centre. Neat huh? I might just make another for myself.

I used a gromet to make the edges smooth, and I stuffed each petal with polyester fill. Around the gromet I hand stitched in some teal beads to be the seeds. The stem is ribbon, which is matched to the drawstring. Note all my careful detailled stitching! ;o) I have a tendency to race through edges, but I'm so proud that I went nice and slow making sure my two rows of straight stitch touched exactly along the points of my zig-zag on the sides. It wasn't a preset stitch, I did three rows per side. Let me just go on and gloat about its neatness a little more.... *gloat gloat gloat*

Kay I'm good! Picture time! :o)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

First Swap - Altoid Tin with Belladune

For my first swap ever on Craftster, I signed up for the New Years themed Altoid Tin swap. I got partnered with a fellow Canadian, Belladune!

I created a scrapbook themed around her best moments of 2008. On the top I used a metal fixture that says 2008 on it, with matching paper to the scrapbook itself. I did matching green ribbon and tiny beads all around the outside. On the inside is the fold out scrapbook. It has a place for "best craft project", "best photo of the kids", "best photo of my hubby", and "best WOW pwn". Wow is a game she plays online.

I cut all the pieces for the scrapbook to size. And both the scrapbook and the tin is magnetic! She has them on her fridge at home. :o)

Belladune didn't have an altoids tin specifically, but she had a small slidey tin. So for hers, she decorated the mini tin, and put it inside a altoid tin sized box that her 3 year old son painted. lol. Cute. So inside this box she had her tin, and some extras she made.
She made me some beatles shrinkey dink magnets, a bracelet designed around the henna Selvi did on my hand (my sponsor child whom I visited in India), and the inside of the tin was painted with a gold peacock, just like Selvi had on her dress. I was so touched. It was the most personal and kind thing to do. How sweet is Belladune? Sweet as a crashed transport truck full of refined sugar spilled all over everything, that's how sweet. <3

I can't wait til the next swap starts. I signed up for the "One Tiny Thing" swap. That'll be so much fun!

Little Boxes

I made these in the summer with the intention of selling them to fundraise my trip to India, but never got them out there to be seen and advertised. Dunno if I ever will. We'll see for my next Habitat trip.
They're all hodge-podged with a PVA glue/water mix. It's made from left over wrapping paper I'd saved since highschool that I just loved! Don't say pack-ratting doesn't get you anywhere. These came out awesome. The only one that isn't made with that paper is my Davinci Time Box.

Text Reads - If I place a green bough in my heart, the singing bird will come.

Text Reads - Just Dance

Text Reads - On lid: Endurance In frame: Time

Telephone Cup Embroidery

I just have a basic machine right now. I would love to get a big fancy machine at somepoint, but for now, a small singer is what I'm using.

So, I figured out a way to do some embroidery by "hand" so to speak. I drew out my image in white fabric pencil, and traced along with the sewing machine. My trick? I set a ziz-zag stitch to button hole width, so it was perfectly tight and looked just like an embroidery machine did it! :o)
They will be pillows. They aren't finished yet, they've been kinda on hold. I'm gonna use a super fuzzy fabric for the back I think.

Swap Info

I've seen this survey in a couple of places, I think it's really helpful when I read them. So, he's a little info on me that may be helpful to you if we were to swap! :o) Send me a message on craftster if you want to propose a personal swap - my user name is Retro_Rose.

For Craftster Swap Partners…

I’m addicted to creating: Little sewing projects, pillows, crochet, amigurumis.

What is your favorite colour?: Plum, aquamarine, earth tones, but not at all in combination! lol.

What is your favorite colour to go with your favorite colour?: Black or white. Things look good punchy. Other than that, use your own judgement for what matches well. :o)

I’d never refuse to take: Stamps, Amigurumis, Beatles themed objects, Socks, Clothing, Stationary.

Some things I’ve been wanting: An ipod case (one where you can use the buttons and see the screen), Crochet hook organizer, Decorated craft storage boxes, Long circle skirt, Nice 8x10 or smaller painting of my cat Della, Customized stationary for letter writing, Sewing machine cozy to keep the dust out!

And a little bit more about me: Well, I'm a vegetarian, I love kids, I'm a photographer. I do portraiture mostly. I still enjoy sitting on swings in parks, I love to be outside in the sunshine, nature makes me feel alive, I love to travel - but so far I've only been to India. I went there as a volunteer with Habitat for Humanity. I plan to do more travel in underdeveloped countries, hopefully with HFH again.

Do you have any pets?: I have one kitty, Della. She's sweet as pie.

Do you keep a journal/art sketch book?: I do have a sketchbook, I'm not particularly good at drawing, but when I get ideas for projects I jot them down in there and sketch out plans.

Do you have a portable CD player, mobile phone, or ipod?: I don't own a cellphone, but I have the new ipod nano, and the thing is my life. On the go, at work, and at home.

Do you need another random trinket box?: Not a small trinket box, but something mid-sized to store supplies in can't hurt.

Do you need a CD case/folder thing?: Nooo, not really. I keep my music on the computer. I'm bad and don't often buy CDs...

Do you need another purse?: If it's super creative in a quirky way, I'd love one! My last purse was a watering can. I loved that thing to death. But I really don't use purses all that much. I'd much rather a lined shoulder bag that can handle my copious amount of library books.

What crafts do you do/want to do?: I do a lot of sewing. Random things, from clothes, pillows, mini stuffies, etc. I've also learned crochet last year and find it very addictive, because unline knitting, I feel you have a lot of freedom to create different shapes instantly. I'm into scrapbooking a little bit. I do mini projects more than create pages. Such as mini books, scrapbooking a frame, whatever.

What crafts do you admire?: Intricately sewn garments blow my mind. I love seeing things that are quirky, but practical. And when people put a lot of effort into toys for kids, I think that's the most loving thing you can do in this industrialized world.

Do you collect anything?: Not really. I could start if there were something awesome to collect...

Do you wear earrings?: All the time. Love love love.

Do you wear bracelets/cuffs?: Bracelets if they have a nice polished look. Not so much into wrist cuffs...

What's your wrist size?: Goooood question.... I think it's about 6 inches around.

Do you wear necklaces?: Yes, once again I do prefer a polished look. Glass beads > buttons...

Do you want gold or silver findings?: I wear more silver than gold.

What is your shirt size?: Medium to Large. Depends what brand or style. Message me on Craftster for measurements.

What is your shoe size?: *cough* 5 1/2 ... sometimes 6.

Would you like some clothes made for you?: I would freakin LOVE you if you made me clothes!

Do you have a favorite animal you would like something made with?: I like turtles, lop eared rabbits, skunks, red foxes, otters, snails, and frogs.

Do you have a favorite TV series you would like something made with?: Not a tv series, but a comic. I'm a Schultz fan. I LOVE snoopy. Pictures of him interacting with Woodstock. Linus, or Charlie are awesome.

Do you have a favorite book you would like something made with?: Memoirs of a Geisha

What is your favorite food?: Vegetarian Sushi, Indian, Tacos, Pizza, Pasta, and Rice.

What is your favorite smell?: Satsuma, by the Body Shop. I love rich fruity scents.

Are there any colors you hate?: I'm not a big fan of yellow, anything neon, or grungy colours.

Would you dislike receiving items made from animal products?: I would prefer not to receive anything leather thanks. I'm okay with wool if it isn't from Australia. Sounds odd if you haven't heard of it, but just ask if you need to know why.

Is there anything you would rather not receive because of religious references?: Not for religious reasons, but anything depicting Satan or demons or negative evil things from any religion creep me out.

Do you have any actual allergies?: No, but I dislike smoke.

Is there anything else you would dislike?: It's hard to displease me craft wise, unless something had no thought put into it or it had an unfishished look. But nobody likes putting their heart into a swap and getting something lesser in return.

What are your favorite movies?: Memoirs of a Geisha, Corina Corina, Annie

Who is your favorite person from those movies?: I couldn't really say a person, I love how they're so well put together.

What music groups do you love?: The Beatles, and Regina Spektor.

Any favourite lyrics?:

"This is how it works -You peer inside yourself. You take the things you like, And try to love the things you took. And then you take that love you made, And stick it into someone elses heart -Pumping someone elses blood. And walking arm in arm, You hope it don't get harmed. And even if it does, you'll just do it all again."-Regina Spektor (On the Radio)

"The farther one travels, the less one knows. The less one really knows." -Lennon (The Inner Light)

Who is the best dresser on TV?: Lord... who knows. Everyone is dressing to the fashion nines these days! lol. Although, the clothes from the 1920's - 1940's are neat. You know, Doris Day type of skirts. I love that shape.

Who are your celebrity crushes?: Never had one.

Who is the best cartoon character?: Snoopy

Monday, January 5, 2009

The Plushroom - New Species

In November I invented a new species of fungi. I call it - The Plushroom!

This fungi grows on warm beds. It's attracted to body heat and pet fur. Although not particularilly flavourful, it does have some side affects of being tasted. It will leave a cotton-y feel to the tounge when licked. It has non-oral side affects that are caused by physical contact. When subjected to touching the Plushroom, humans and pets alike experience warmth, drowsiness, and an odd sense of comfort. Known species so far are plaid and beige. It appears they have bred themselves into a hybrid. Scientists have recently begun research as to how to reproduce them in a lab setting.

Cut your symmetrical Plushroom pattern, fold in half and fold fabric in half. Do not cut fold. Cut two pieces, one for each side. Measure using string 1.5 X the length of the total perimiter of your cut fabric. The extra point-five comes in handy, as every sewers seam allowance prefrences vary. Cut one long rectangle of fabric at least 5 inches in width. Use a wider width for a chunkier Plushroom, and a thinner width for a flatter Plushroom. This will be used as your side. Sew the lengths of the rectangle along the perimiter of your cut Plushroom front, "pretty" sides together. Do the same for the Plushroom back. If you have any excess length of your long rectangle once all sides of the Plushroom have been covered, cut it now. Do not sew shut. Turn your Plushroom right side out. Stuff with peferred filler. Hand sew the bottom of your rectangle together. Voila! A lovable fungi for your bed or couch - The Plushroom!

Amigurumi Turtle

I made this little guy for my boyfriend at the end of the summer. I just love him! He took me a day or two, but it was well worth it. It came out awesome for my first ami! I think in future I will use a smaller hook though, just so there isn't so much space between stitches.

New Blog

I had created one other blog, but I put it under my hotmail account. So whenever I signed in, I'd have to re-sign into my gmail account. It got annoying pretty quick.


I present to you - Amy's Creations - A new blog on the exact same topic. This time though, the layout is by me. :o) I think it gives me a lot more room than the old one did. The first blog I made I used someone elses layout. But what's the good in having a blog about creativity if you don't photoshop your own style of layout together. So I did. Nyah! hehe!

Features my love of paisley and henna designs. So pretty! ;o) And aquamarine is a powerful colour, but relaxing at the same time. Ahh, I like. It's good. I'm done.