Friday, February 3, 2012

I tried out a super fun design on my nails!

(Click to enlarge)

Oink oink! ;o)

Interested in the how to?

(Make sure it's 100% dry between all steps)
1. Clear base coat.
2. Baby pink polish for the head shape.
3. Sally Hansen nail art pen in hot pink for the ears and snout.
4. Sally Hansen nail art pen in black for the outline, eyes, and nostrils.
5. Clear top coat.

Easy peasy! :oD

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Retro Skirt with Crocheted Accessory

I made this skirt for phnxreign99 in the January Birthday swap!

It has a crocheted flower that I made in layers to attatch to the wrap around. The wrap around is bias tape I made out of some quilting cotton.

The skirt is a basic full A-Line skirt with an elastic waist. It has a retro feel I think! :)

Edit: Here's a picture she took of her wearing the skirt!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I made this for a swap. Her favourite colours were pink and green. I wanted to incorporate both! I found a fun patterned fabric and made the outside green and the inside pink. So now when you open up the bag it's like biting into a piece of summer. :o)

Just to be funky, I did a little macine ebroidery on the handles to make them pop in that same way as the case.

Yummy! It's matching pattern in a different colour.

And because I don't go half way on anything, I wanted this case to protect the laptop against all lifes foibles. I have chosen an unorthodox source for my padding, but it is so so so strong! (So strong I broke a needle going through it!!)

This is a foam bath mat. I DOUBLED it for the padding (and in the bottom it's triple!)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Satin Dress

I've never worked with this material before! It wasn't as hard to sew as I thought, but it was SOOOO hard to cut! This stuff is crazy slippy. Very hard to make sure everything is lined up.

I learned a new technique while making this dress. I knew I didn't want any stitches to show up on my bottom hem, and I also wanted it to drape properly. I got out my "blind hem foot" for my Janome, and I made a blind stitch!

So there is no line or indendation running across the bottom. The backside of it looks like this:

The top of the dress is done with a casing showing a little bow on the shoulder. So it's fairly adjustable. All in all I'm pretty happy with how it turned out! I might try satin again sometime.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Cupcake Apron

What girl doesn't love the irrisistable charm of cupcakes? I know I love them! When I saw this fat quarter I knew I had to have it. I had some pink fabric in my stash that made the perfect trim!

I used a foot called the ultimate ruffler, which works amazing if you get the knack at it! It would take forever to make perfectly even ruffles by hand.

The first recipe I wanted to try with this was actually cookies. I knew someone who was in the hospital for a lung transplant who was coming home soon after some recovery time. What says ooey gooey love more than some fabulous home made chocolate chip cookies? Straight from the heart! I highly reccomend checking out this recipe I found - it is hands down the best chocolate chip cookie recipe I have ever used.

Happy baking everyone!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tattoo Banner

I made this for an art quilt swap. My partner loves tattoos, and I really wanted to reflect this in the banner, plus her love for sewing!

The idea behind the banner comes from Ericas love of tattoos, traditional tattoo designs using swallows, and her love of sewing! My concept is that the birds are creating their own tatoo banner of Ericas name! They're busy making themselves a home nestled in the fabric.

Here's some shots of the process. Click thumbnails to enlarge.

And here are some yummy detail shots!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Grey Circles Dress

So, while meandering aimlessly (okay that's not true, my aim was to buy something fun!) through Fabricland, I came upon the sale section, as per usual. I looooove a good deal. I came across this beautiful fabric, which was 75% off! That put it down to $2.75 a metre. It was lovely in every way - a great pattern, silky to the touch, quite unique.... but it was a stretch knit. I have not made clothes with a fabric like this before. If you'll notice, almost everything I've ever sewn is with a cotton of some sort.

Do I dare???

I dared. And it wasn't flawless. And it wasn't easy. But after using WAY more pins than I was used to, and winging and shaping it as I go, I came up with this dress.

I wanted scrunched up shoulders, and a flat straight across neckline.

The dress flows really nicely, and hides the curves I don't want seen while showing just at the part of my leg that will make me look taller.

I got kinda bored, and started being a goofball. :o)

The "Cousin It", The "Hair Stand", The "Pokahontas",

The "Treasure Troll", The "Vogue Look", and the "Help I'm Being Blown Away!!"

*giggle* I love strobe lighting. Fun Fun. ;o)