Monday, August 31, 2009

Face Cloth

I made this really cute face cloth in basic double crochet with white scalloped edges.

The texture of bumps was done using a "front post, back post" technique. I alternated each stitch between doing back or front, instead of doing a full row of one and a full row of the other. It makes it look weaved! I saw a video tutorial and picked it up really quickly. This face cloth was my little experiment with the technique, and it scrubs the skin great. Not too rough, but really gets in to exfoliate! I bet the texture would be good as a dish cloth too.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Gift for Nanna

When my grandmother first got her wheelchair, I asked if she'd like to go out with me to the fabric store (that used to be around the corner) and pick up a little surprise.

I got a foam insert and told her to pick any fabric she wanted and I'd turn it into a new cushion for her wheelchair. She picked out this nursery-rhyme, country, old style drawing kind of fabric. Pretty out there, but she loved it.

(Sorry for the bad pic... my dad took the photos for me. Bless him for trying!)

Somehow I lost this fabric and cushion for the longest time, until just a few weeks ago. Turns out instead of putting it in my scrap fabric bin (which was LOADED with useless scraps since I was a kid), I had put it in my off season clothing bin instead. I had to donate most of what was in there because it either didn't fit, or was just really not my style anymore. No wonder I hadn't touched the box in eons!

So as soon as I found it, I whipped up the cushion and showed it to my Nanna. She had completely forgotten about it as well, but loved the cushion anyway. Looks comfy!

Quickie Cat Pillow

Darling Della dutifully delivers delicate dander allllllllllll over my favourite chair. :o(

I decided this furry attack has to stop.

I made her this simple pillow in fuzzy polar fleece. It's very plush and soft. I thought for sure it must please her.

Well! Don't you be fooled by the photo. I put her up there so many times until I could get a picture. She sat on it for a minute, looked peeved that her favourite chair wasn't the same, leaped off and slept in the middle of the cold laminate floor. Of course periodically looking up at me to give me a "what did I do to deserve this egregious assault on my space?!" kind of look.

*sigh* Della I relent. You win the battle but not the war. I will block your fur from that chair...

For the Future Mrs. Kruse

My friend Vanessa is having a baby! Yay! I just shot her wedding in July. She's very expectant! Here's some shots:

Anywho, so that lovely young couple is going to be having a boy! Only Nathan doesn't know it yet... so this was a covert operation. I sent this all to Vanessa tightly taped down and marked for her only. Nathan must be curious! Ha! Hopefully Vanessa is the one to get the package.

I made four things (plus an awesome quilt that took me a month to do, but forgot to get a picture of. Doh!).

There are two bibs...

And they each match a special item...

And because I'm just so gosh darn happy with that blankie, I'm gonna show a bunch of extra images showing the details. The dragon I traced and appliqued by zig-zagging all the way around it, which was a lot of stop and go. The quilting was free motion, and I put the word dragons in the corner! Click the wee ones to see big!

Bed Sheet to Apron

I found the coolest looking bed sheet for 3 bucks at Value Village. They have fabric that is almost identical to it in the quilting section of fabric land for $12 a metre! Occasionally I find the greatest crafty things there for cheap. It's like a yard sale year round! So I turn this thing into an apron.

I thought it was going to be a few hours, but this thing took the whole freakin day! I'm talking 12 hours on it easy. Luckily, it looks good. I have a few issues with my lack of skill at the bottom, but I'm learning. I love my big chunky pockets! They sit wide so you don't have to squeeze your hand in. It's fully lined and totally stylish for getting messy in the kitchen!

Chapatis anyone?