Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Art Quilt Swap

Well, I finally went out of my comfort zone of gifts, clothes, and varying basic sewing projects and crossed into the wildly uncharted (by me) territory of quilting!

I joined an art quilt swap. This isn't a typical type of quilt like for a bed. It's smaller and is meant to be on display. I've never looked at fabric as a canvas before, more like a craft. So this was a whole new approach to creating for me.

And I loved it.

Here's the quilt I sent to my partner Goat Goddess:

I noticed she liked the theme of fall colours, so I bought some sparkly gold and red fabric and cut leaves from it. I used a purple sky to represent a sun set. I got this wikid tye-dye fabric to use as the tree trunk, and traced a silhouette of a ballet dancer. It was kind of funny, because she ended up personifying a tree as well in hers, and this was completely unplanned! :oD

Here's some detail shots, click to enlarge.

I love the gold thread that I used in the details, but it was a jerk to sew with. It actually started to fray in the needle. I had to re-thread the machine a few times for it to work. Very rude. :oS

This is the item I received from GoatGoddess:

I can't get over how similar the theme was! I love the colours, it goes with my craft space really well. It is made to fit right over my monitor! She included hooks for it to hang up as well if I ever want to. The face is hand painted and there's little beads in it as well. She says she only went with my colour theme from my list, but I think she nailed "dreamy" as well. It definitely looks surreal to me! :oD

This was a great swap, and I'd totally keep my eyes out for another one that's for art quilts. It's a lot of fun!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Easter Dress

Wow this is belated! I posted this on Craftster, and I must have completely forgotten to add it to my blog! Oops. Well, I know it's not Easter anymore, but that's what the dress was made for. I'm sure you'll all enjoy it just as much as if it were Easter right now. :oP

These wonderful photos were all taken by Hilary. Excuse the fact I'm posting so many pictures of myself. I know it's horribly vain, but she did a great job. I'm also going to justify it by letting you all know that truly, I'm just madly in love with this dress!!!

Camera Strap Cover

I made my friend Hilary a Camera Strap Cover. I made myself a couple, but I didn't get photos of them. I should really do that and add them here too...

Anyways, this is Hilary, a photographer friend of mine and past school mate. Sorry for the poor quality photo, but I was actually there to be photographed for this dress I made, which is why I gave her the gift as a thankyou.

Wait now... Oh my gosh, I haven't posted those pictures on the blog either! Ooops! New post for that!

Take two... Here's Hilary:

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Craftster Challenge Entry - My Calotype

Hey everyone! Check out my entry to the Craftster Challenge #40: Picture This!

Click Me to See Entry!

If you like it, I'd be so grateful if you'd bookmark the page so you can vote when the entry period is finished. :oD

What I entered was my calotype (and a couple of cyanotypes) for the contest. The theme was to create a craft around your photography. I wanted to bring something that was very old into modern times. This particular entry was from a process that I learned back in college.

I created a digital negative in Photoshop to create a classical calotype on canvas!

I really hope people are as into the geeky side as I am, because it's quite thrilling to see your image appear before your eyes in development!

(Close up sample)