Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Blue Flower Skirt

This was a quickie skirt I made. I had a customer at work offer me this huge amount of leftover fabric that she had... this was one of the many cute prints.

I actually really like this skirt, but it didn't take more than an hour to do. It's a basic elastic waist, with two side seams. All of them are reinforced though, so there are no raw edges anywhere to be seen. The bottom white trim was actually made from a pillow case that I cut up. I didn't like the feel of it on my head so I just cut up the one I hadn't used. Gave a really crisp feel at the bottom and holds the skirt stiff there which is cool.

So without further ado, the skirt - plus some fun shots where I got carried away jumping. Tried to show off how it puffs out. ;o)


Don't ask how many times I tried that shot... my legs are stiff from landing in heels! XD