Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Hugh got featured on Craftster!!

Tonight I was made to have to pick up my jaw from my lap as I clicked on Craftster.

My manatee quilt that I made for RhymeswOrange, was in the featured projects section of the front page!!! Wow! I've never had any of my posts there or in the hot topics board before. This is really special to me, because I worked so darn hard on that quilt.

Featured projects usually get rotated twice a month, so he'll be up for a little bit! Scroll through the featured projects area until you see blue and gray with seed beads.

Here's the Craftster Main Page
And a link to the Post I Made
And of course their Archive Page of the set of featured projects as a whole from this set.

And for when the links change in the future, I screen Grabbed for posterity! ;o)

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