Friday, March 12, 2010

Circle Circle Skirt

This circle skirt has circles all over it! I love this fabric, it's strong, but has a soft feel to it. Best part is that it was MAJORLY on sale. I only paid $3.50 a metre for it!!!

This was made for a swap. It's different than other swaps where you get a partner and you craft for that one person and they craft for you. In this swap, everyone submits one medium item of any kind, and all the names of the entrants are put in a hat. Prizes are pulled and then everyone sends to the person whose name was picked for their item. So everyone gets a surprise!

I hope people want it. I decided on an elastic waist so that it would fit everybody.

Shot that actually has my face in it... :oP


  1. Those are fantastic action photos! Circle power :)