Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Grey Circles Dress

So, while meandering aimlessly (okay that's not true, my aim was to buy something fun!) through Fabricland, I came upon the sale section, as per usual. I looooove a good deal. I came across this beautiful fabric, which was 75% off! That put it down to $2.75 a metre. It was lovely in every way - a great pattern, silky to the touch, quite unique.... but it was a stretch knit. I have not made clothes with a fabric like this before. If you'll notice, almost everything I've ever sewn is with a cotton of some sort.

Do I dare???

I dared. And it wasn't flawless. And it wasn't easy. But after using WAY more pins than I was used to, and winging and shaping it as I go, I came up with this dress.

I wanted scrunched up shoulders, and a flat straight across neckline.

The dress flows really nicely, and hides the curves I don't want seen while showing just at the part of my leg that will make me look taller.

I got kinda bored, and started being a goofball. :o)

The "Cousin It", The "Hair Stand", The "Pokahontas",

The "Treasure Troll", The "Vogue Look", and the "Help I'm Being Blown Away!!"

*giggle* I love strobe lighting. Fun Fun. ;o)


  1. thats a cool dress that you have there. can you share on how you make that shoulder stitches? im interested on how to make a stitch like that properly. thanks

    Drei|grey scrubs

  2. Hi Drei!

    Thanks for the compliment! I used elastic for the shoulders. On the underside of the shoulder, I placed the elastic down on my fabric, and as I sewed I pulled the elastic taut. I used a zigzag stitch that was slightly smaller than the width of the elastic when it is stretched.

    Make sure to use an elastic that feels comfortable against your skin!

    Good luck!