Tuesday, January 6, 2009

First Swap - Altoid Tin with Belladune

For my first swap ever on Craftster, I signed up for the New Years themed Altoid Tin swap. I got partnered with a fellow Canadian, Belladune!

I created a scrapbook themed around her best moments of 2008. On the top I used a metal fixture that says 2008 on it, with matching paper to the scrapbook itself. I did matching green ribbon and tiny beads all around the outside. On the inside is the fold out scrapbook. It has a place for "best craft project", "best photo of the kids", "best photo of my hubby", and "best WOW pwn". Wow is a game she plays online.

I cut all the pieces for the scrapbook to size. And both the scrapbook and the tin is magnetic! She has them on her fridge at home. :o)

Belladune didn't have an altoids tin specifically, but she had a small slidey tin. So for hers, she decorated the mini tin, and put it inside a altoid tin sized box that her 3 year old son painted. lol. Cute. So inside this box she had her tin, and some extras she made.
She made me some beatles shrinkey dink magnets, a bracelet designed around the henna Selvi did on my hand (my sponsor child whom I visited in India), and the inside of the tin was painted with a gold peacock, just like Selvi had on her dress. I was so touched. It was the most personal and kind thing to do. How sweet is Belladune? Sweet as a crashed transport truck full of refined sugar spilled all over everything, that's how sweet. <3

I can't wait til the next swap starts. I signed up for the "One Tiny Thing" swap. That'll be so much fun!

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