Monday, January 5, 2009

New Blog

I had created one other blog, but I put it under my hotmail account. So whenever I signed in, I'd have to re-sign into my gmail account. It got annoying pretty quick.


I present to you - Amy's Creations - A new blog on the exact same topic. This time though, the layout is by me. :o) I think it gives me a lot more room than the old one did. The first blog I made I used someone elses layout. But what's the good in having a blog about creativity if you don't photoshop your own style of layout together. So I did. Nyah! hehe!

Features my love of paisley and henna designs. So pretty! ;o) And aquamarine is a powerful colour, but relaxing at the same time. Ahh, I like. It's good. I'm done.


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