Friday, January 8, 2010

Christmas Pressies!!!

Okay, since it's totally past Christmas now, I'm going to post pictures of all the presents I made this year! I'll post separately for any tutorials or in progress pics. This is more of an overview! ;o)

Heating Pad Cover - Mum

Jingle Bells Banner - Mum

Water Bottle Cozy (In blue, this pink one was a trial of the pattern before my dads, I gave it to my gym-class instructor) - Dad

I also made Dad some Candy Jars, I need to photograph them still.

Gnome Quilt Square - Graham (My boyfriends father)

Bone Pillow - Deborah (My boyfriends mum)

Naughty Kitten Table Runner - Jim and Doris (My boyfriends Grandparents)

Alt Ctrl Del Keys Pillows - Jeremy (My boyfriends brother)

Baby Overalls and Baby Quilt - Cynthia (My boyfriends Cousin)

Baby Fat-Pants and Booties - My friend Vanessa (Technically this is for her shower that I couldn't attend)

Snow Man Table Runner - One for my parents best friends (like family) Reg and Phyllis. Also one for my Aunt Trish/Uncle Paul whom I visited. I also made another in a similar style for Reg and Phyllis' daughter Deborah. It used a light blue star fabric. Unfortunately it has no photo. :o(

And my huuuuge project this year, taking well over 25 hours, is.... *drum roll*

Quilted Pixelated Megaman Pillow - For my love, Alex.

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  1. I absolutely love your MegaMan and your Ctrl-Alt-Del pillows!