Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Orca Whales and Owls (inspired by Hotel Song)

This isn't my first project inspired by Regina Spektors music. (You might remember the PAINTING inspired by another song of hers.)

I had made these pillow cases for Regina Spektor, whose concert I went to in September. They're based off of "Hotel Song" (Link at bottom of post). I brought what I made as a gift for her to the concert. People in the crowd saw it and loved it, thought it was really cool that I made it myself. A couple even took my e-mail down so they could buy their own from me later.

People let me move forward towards the front near the end of the concert seeing that I had something for her. (That was really cool, much love to them!) I got right up at the rails they had up. It was great! I was reaching forward to try to get the gift to her. Not sure if she did or not, but a security guy said he'd give it to her after the concert.

Anyway, I had my e-mail and a card inside, explaining that it was hand made, and inspired by her song. But I never heard back from her, not even from her 'people'.

So, that pretty much had me deflated. Others who've sent stuff to people whose work they love have at least received thank you e-mails, one person even got pictures back from Robert Downey Jr, whom they had sent a crocheted Oscar to. He was holding up what he made her with a big grin like he loved it as much as the real-deal. Sweet no?

Well, I've been pretty bummed about not hearing anything back. So it took me a while to finally post this project just waiting on the hopes that maybe she'll actually acknowledge the gift. I guess I realize now that she either never got it, or doesn't care. I'm not sure what's worse really.

Well, here's the pics anyway. These are pillow cases, one with an orca whale and one with an owl. They're based on the lyrics of a song she wrote called "hotel song". It goes, "I have dreams of orca whales and owls, but I wake up in fear". So I thought pillow cases with each would be a neat little art project to go along with it. They are totally custom appliqued, no pattern, I made them myself based on some pictures I googled.

Play Song

Here are some in progress pics, to show you the detail that went into piecing them together.


  1. super cute pillow cases!
    I love the owl!

  2. What a shame she never got back to you.

  3. They are really nice, too nice to sleep on! It is a shame she didn't get back to you, maybe the card was lost on the road.