Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Coin Pouch

My Dad... He's not an organised person. We love him inspite of his messy ways. While my mum has relinquished the fight of "trying to improve" on this quality, I being young and possibly naïve, always try to give him the benefit of the doubt and restructure the way he does things.

Last year I went through a massive amount of his papers, books, and varying teaching ephemera that needed to be organized or thrown away. I bought him some magazine files for Christmas, and he has since done a wonderful job keeping each child's lessons separate, adding and removing books and lesson plans in preparation of each day with them. Now when he's ready to go, he just takes what's in the file and leaves, instead of searching through a pile of crazy. *sigh* Organisation is a beautiful thing!

Another of his shortfall areas in the clutter department is stored 24/7 on his butt. Ahem. Yeah, his wallet. Well I should say wallets, as he has so much crap in them that he has somehow needed two. I can't help but roll my eyes as he desperately searches for a card at a check out or for a piece of paper containing this weeks shopping.

I decided today I was going to take him by the hand and walk him through sorting out plastic, papers, money, business cards, and sad to say... old candy wrappers. *shudders* After going through his wallet we found 5 cards that needed to be cut because they were old, a duplicate of a rewards card, and triplicate of his car insurance contact. Oy Vhey!

After cutting the fat, I got him down to one wallet! One flap contains cash flow cards, another contains points and rewards cards, another contains insurance and ID, and the inner compartment contains cash bills, and now only three sheets of paper!! No more searching! It's wonderful.

You must be wondering by now what all this is about if it's in my craft blog right? This new wallet is much slimmer, but left us without any spot to put change. Aha! Sewing time!

I made him a drawstring coin pouch! It's very Robin Hood if I do say so myself. It's also divided to separate large and small coins of course! Naturally I couldn't have him throwing it all in one spot and searching desparately for a dime right? ;o)


He loves it. Here's some detail shots, you can click the thumbs to enlarge. It's a lined bag that pulls at the strings to close. When opened up, there's a fold of fabric to separate large from small. I made the drawstrings by swirl-braiding some yarn-ish strings together. It's pretty heavy duty to stand the test of time. After all, this will inevitably get sat on too! haha.


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  1. That is a cute story! It reminds me of one who shall remain nameless, who has an elastic band holding their wallet closed.