Saturday, April 18, 2009

Midnight Mehendi

I've been going to bed so early lately, which isn't really like me at all. I had a creative itch to scratch but didn't really feel like doing any major project. So, some simple mehendi was the answer!

I found a design I liked online and modified elements of it that I liked to fit into where I wanted the mehendi to be on my hand. Last time I did a palm design, this time I'm feeling a bit less shy to show my design, so I put it on the back of my hand.


I really feel like my life is flowing in a million directions right now, so I ended up incorporating a lot of water symbols. I feel so much calmer after having expressed how I'm feeling on my hand, albeit interpretive. I think I can fall asleep now though! With my hand hanging off the side of the bed of course, I wouldn't want it to chip off before morning! Gotta have that schmexy dark stain. ;o)


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