Sunday, June 7, 2009

Amigurumi Turtles From Perlabella!

I just received these awesomely cute amigurumi turtles from PerlaBella in the IYP swap. (Invite Your Partner).

I love their colouring, and their expressions are priceless! I picked this pattern for her to make, and she picked a bunny pattern for me to make her!

Bunny Teaser:
I don't want to show the whole project this post, as she hasn't received her package yet! Due time people, due time! :o)

Anywho, the crazy turtles! Yay!

"Uhhh.... Which way are we goin?"
"I dunno, I can't decide."
"Lets go both ways together!!!!"
"Dur... Okay!"

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