Monday, February 9, 2009

Shawl / Half Poncho

I made this last year, but never posted anything about it. I was going to teach my boyfriends mum how to crochet, but she wasn't into it after all and gave me the yarn she had bought. Later I taught her a bit on some brown yarn I had, but we frogged it as it was only a few rows of Single Crochet stitches.

This was made from just the one skein, I even had EXACTLY enough left over to make a small flower (seen bobby-pinned to my hair). The yarn I never would have picked for me turned out to be very stylish and transformed into an awesome shawl-y poncho... something. In any case it keeps me warm but not too warm. It's a happy middle.

I looked up a pattern somewhere, but I didn't follow it. Basically I just noted how it increased and just did it at points I thought were flattering. Then I looked up how to make scalloped edges in a book at chapters. So it's kinda free hand I guess. If I ever find a pattern that is similar, I'll post it.

Et voila!



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