Monday, February 9, 2009

Some Old Highschool Art

These are some things I painted, drew, and made in highschool. I was musing through old folders while backing up some files onto Bubbles (my external hard drive), and found these photos I took of them. I figured I may as well post them.

Swimkids Painting:

I made this for my boss, Julie, when I left swimkids and went to college. I worked there 5 years and I loved my job. Not only that, but I was a student there since I was four years old when the business just opened. When I started as a little kid, I hated water. Now water makes me feel alive. I love swimming, and this pool was the root of my love. I still miss teaching sometimes.

This painting now hangs just outside of the door to the pool. I'm so glad everyone gets to enjoy it.


Yoshi Sketches:

I had a big thing for Yoshi once upon a time. I learned to draw him. Nuff said on that old cartoon flame...


(Pardon the blur)

Trinket Box:

This circular box features a photo by a childrens photographer whose work I adore. She was one of the first photographers portfolios I bookmarked. Love her lighting, and the way she captures their expressions.


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