Monday, February 2, 2009

January Birthday Swap - Gift from Eightdandelions

Today I received a beautiful gift from my wish list, made with TLC by Eightdandelions!
It's a rollup for my crochet hooks! Isn't it beautiful? It's quilted in a flowery/paisly fabric, (gee, I don't like paisley do I?) with spots for both my big, medium, and small hooks. I just LOVE everything about it!

In her note it said,
"Happy Birthday! ^_^ Hope you like your crochet roll, I know it's not perfect but it was sewn with love. Wonky, lumpy love. ;) xo, Eightdandelions. eep!"

Well, I love it. I love that it's made with 'wonky lumpy love', although I think it looks perfect. It's a well thought through design with a beautiful fabric and it's all tak-stitched at each end so I'm positive it'll last me some great years.

Thankyou Eightdandelions! I'd definitely swap with you again!

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