Monday, February 9, 2009

Travel Wallet

I'm very excited, because recently Kellie has decided that she is going to be coming with me on a Habitat for Humanity/Global Village trip this year! I knew I was going to already, and she had expressed interest when I told her all about India last year. But now that she's confirmed that she's super gung-ho about this, I'm waaaayyyy past excited that she's coming with me!! :oD

So, in daydreaming about the trip, I decided to make us something that will be very helpful. I have seen on etsy something that I have been wanting for a long time; a travel wallet. It's sized to hold not just money and cards, but passport, papers, plane tickets, and a pen! Truely, it's genious.

Deciding I can't afford a 50 dollar luxury, I searched for tutorials online. I found a couple, but didn't like all the layout features. So I went with a similar construction process... and as per usual - winged it. No pattern. Just created pockets I found practical, then created the main structure, sewed the pieces in place, and trimmed it with bias tape (omg it was a baaaad experience and I learned from it after re-sewing one edge FOUR times).

For Kellies wallet I bought a fabric that reminded me of a purse she used to have. I figured it would be a guaranteed win with her, let's hope so. She'll enjoy the fabrics looks, and I'll enjoy that it was in the %75 off fall fabrics sale with my premiere card! ;o)



All in all, a two day project complete, I am feeling very satisfied with it. There are one or two things to fix up, but they're minor. Such as the pockets for cards not being tight. I'll add a button and ribbon closure on top or something.

I have to make one for me as well. Mine will be in different fabric. I might do a slightly different layout, perhaps move the pockets a little. Who knows. I have time!


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